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Monday, December 7, 2009


This is a level I designed and built for a class at AI. During the course of the class my instructor advised me to enter my level into the IGDA World Wide Level Design Competition, so after the class was finished I decided to give it a shot and entered my level into the competition with no hopes of placing but hoping to get valuable feedback from the professional level designers who would be judging the competition. So weeks past and I received an email saying I placed second in the competition which was a happy surprise to me, knowing that my level was played by a group of professional level designers and having them feel that it was high enough quality to award it second place was a great feeling for me.

IGDA World Wide Level Design Competition:


DM-LostTemple is a Death match/Team Deatch match level designed to fit 2-8 players. It has a strong focus of Z axis fighting between the multiple levels throughout the map. The central point of the level consists of a pool of water at the lowest level of the map where the Double Damage is located and two levels above that on the main bridge is the 100 shield. The placement of these two powerful and game changing items provides a very unique situation in where you have to choose which item to go for in a classic risk vs. reward style. The temple across the main bridge contains a pool of water that heals who ever stands in it but leaves them in a tight place with two very easily blocked exits in front and no back way out making the player choose how long he stays in the water very carefully. Every control point has a counter and the structure in which the level was built lends itself to both hit scan and close combat fighting in unique was with how the levels tier structure was placed and built. This is a level built for technical yet fun game play that pushes the game mechanics of Unreal Tournament 3 in a very competitive way.

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The Double Damage pool:

The healing pool inside the Temple:

The main bridge also known as the 100 bridge:

A shot of the left bridge from the main bridge of the level:

Download Here:

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